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Aug. 8, 2022

David Pilchick pt1 🎙️ Everybody Says It - But Do They Do It?

Welcome to the first part in our conversation with David Pilchick, of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply,  on The Background Check Podcast 🎧


David Pilchick

As a founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, David Pilchick takes great pride in his business and his employees. In addition to offering quality low voltage equipment, Pilchick is also a passionate advocate of community and culture, and his business is a testament to his passion for these matters. In this interview, we get a closer look at David Pilchick's background and experience in running a business.

Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply

David Pilchick is the founder of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, one of the largest wholesale distributors of low-voltage security equipment in the New York area. He is an empathetic business owner, taking the time to help employees overcome personal challenges. His vision of an employee-centric workplace is reflected in the company's culture. While the company's products range from CCTV to motion-activated door locks, Pilchick also strives to provide a positive work environment for his employees.


Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply:  https://blvs.com/


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David Pilchick

Founder/Owner Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply